What to Expect After Endovenous Ablation

On the day of the procedure, you will go home with a compressive wrap on your leg. You will remove this wrap 48 hours after the procedure. You will elevate your leg for the rest of the rest of the day. On the evening of the procedure, you may start walking and resume normal activity.

Bruising, tenderness, induration, and skin discoloration are to be expected and will usually resolve in a few weeks. You may feel numbness and pulling for 3-5 days post procedure which can last for several months. Most patients only experience mild to moderate discomfort following the procedure. If you notice significant fever, redness, swelling and pain, please call us immediately.

You will be instructed to call the office 24 hours after the procedure to talk to our nurse, Brenda Kennedy, about your clinical status and to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure. Your 3 week follow up appointment will be booked at that time.

Pain Management

The same narcotic pain medication that was prescribed pre-operatively can be used post-operatively for severe pain. If you have minimal to moderate pain, you can substitute the narcotic pain medication with Tylenol. Avoid Aspirin and NSAIDs for one week following the procedure.

Returning to Work

Most patients, whose work does not consistently require physical activity, may return to work in 24-48 hours. If your work involves significant physical activity, you may return in 1-2 weeks.


You need to refrain from exercise until you have your post-operative ultrasound. If the ultrasound is normal,  you may resume your normal exercise regimen. This ultrasound takes place approximately one week after the procedure.


Remove the ace wrap in 48 hours. You may shower in 48 hours. The steri-strips will remain in place for approximately 10 days. The steri-strips do not need to be covered when showering. You may not sit in a bath tub or swim in a pool for 12 days following the procedure.


Followup ultrasound will be booked approximately one week post procedure. You will need a post-operative appointment with Dr. Sentissi in three weeks.

If you have any questions, please call our nurse, Brenda Kennedy in the office.